Spiritual warfare is the battle between God’s kingdom and the forces of darkness. As believers in Christ, we have been given authority to stand against evil and declare the will of God through our words and actions. Declarations and decrees are powerful weapons in spiritual warfare that enforce Jesus’ victory over Satan.

When we make declarations and decrees according to God’s Word, we come into agreement with His purposes and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us. In this article, we will explore what spiritual warfare declarations and decrees are and how to use them effectively.

What are Spiritual Warfare Declarations and Decrees?

Spiritual warfare declarations and decrees are statements of faith that declare God’s truth and His promises over situations and people.

Declarations are affirmative statements that declare what God says is true and align our thoughts and words with His Word. For example, “I declare that no weapon formed against me will prosper because God’s Word says I am more than a conqueror through Christ.”

Decrees take declarations a step further to exercise the dominion God has given us through Christ and actually call things into being that do not line up with God’s Kingdom. As ambassadors for Christ, believers have authority to decree orders that enforce what He has already decreed in Heaven.

The Biblical Basis for Making Declarations and Decrees

The practice of making scriptural declarations and decrees is founded on key truths in God’s Word.

Our Words Have Power

Proverbs 18:21 states, “The tongue has the power of life and death.” As believers, we can speak life and blessings over ourselves and others or death and curses. Declaring God’s Word aligns our speech with His life-giving truth.

We Have Authority in Christ

Ephesians 1:20-23 and Luke 10:19 make it clear that followers of Jesus have been given authority to overcome the enemy. We can confidently make decrees because God backs the words of those who operate in the authority He has delegated.

God Watches Over His Word

Isaiah 55:10-11 compares God’s Word to the rain and snow that comes down from heaven to water the earth. Just as the precipitation always accomplishes its purpose, God’s Word never returns void but fulfills His plans. When we declare Scripture, we can be assured that angels heed these words to perform God’s will in the unseen realm.

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The Power of Agreement

Matthew 18:18-20 reveals that there is exponential power when two or three believers agree upon the will of God. That is why coming into agreement with other Christians can have great impact when making declarations or decrees.

How to Make Impactful Declarations and Decrees

When crafting declarations and decrees for spiritual warfare, follow these guidelines:

Base them on Scripture

All declarations and decrees must align with the revealed will and nature of God in the Bible. We have no authority to decree things that are not backed by Scripture.

Speak directly to the forces of darkness or situations

Address your declaration or decree directly to what you want to impact, such as the devil, demons oppressing a loved one, fear plaguing your mind, lack in your finances, etc.

Use the name of Jesus

The name of Jesus contains authority because He overcame all powers of darkness when He died for us. Declare statements in the name of Jesus for them to have power.

Give clear orders

When framing a decree, it should be a clear statement of what you are ordering to happen, rather than asking or wishful thinking. Decrees announce what will be so, based on the truth of God’s Word.

Sample Declarations and Decrees

Here are some examples of impactful declarations and decrees for different situations:

Facing demonic oppression

I declare in the name of Jesus that all generational curses are broken and demonic oppression must flee from me now. As a child of the Most High God, I decree that any demons afflicting me are bound and cast out by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Battling fear

I declare that God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. I decree in Jesus’ name that this panic and anxiety must go and my mind is filled with supernatural peace. Any lying spirits telling me I should be afraid are bound from communicating with me again.

Financial provision

I declare that my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory. I decree provision and abundance over my finances in Jesus’ mighty name. Any spirits of lack and poverty attempting to keep me from prospering must go now.

Healing from sickness

By Jesus’ stripes I was healed, so I declare divine health and wholeness over my body. I decree in the name of Jesus that all sickness and disease must leave my body and my cells line up with God’s Word to complete my healing.

Tips for Making Your Declarations and Decrees Impactful

Here are some final tips for getting the most out of your spiritual warfare declarations and decrees:

Have faith

Speak declarations and decrees with complete confidence that God’s Word is true and He backs your authority in Christ. Doubt and unbelief can hinder the fulfillment.

Be specific

Clearly identify what situations or sources of oppression you are addressing so your words have precise targets.

Repeat them regularly

Some things require persistent declarations and decrees before we witness breakthrough. As you decree God’s truth consistently, circumstances will eventually shift.

Fast for increased authority

Isaiah 58 shows that fasting enables the believer to loose bonds of wickedness and undo heavy burdens. Fasting empowers your declarations and decrees.

As we now understand, declarations and decrees targeted at the enemy’s work empower us as believers to enforce Jesus’ victory. His Word will never fail, so boldly declare and decree its truth!

In Conclusion

Declarations and decrees targeted at spiritual forces combine faith in God’s Word with the authority Christ gave every believer. As we align our words with Scripture, angels heed and act upon our orders, administering Heaven’s backing. Declaring and decreeing the truth of God’s Word helps us win victory after victory in the ongoing spiritual battles of life. Determine today to wield this mighty weapon with boldness and change your circumstances for God’s glory!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual Warfare Declarations and Decrees

Should every Christian make declarations and decrees?

Yes! The authority Christ gave His followers is not just for pastors and spiritual leaders. Every believer can and should exercise their authority in Him to push back darkness. The only requirement is being born again through faith in Jesus.

What’s the difference between praying and making decrees?

Prayer communicates our petitions and aligns our will with God’s while decrees announce what He has already willed. Think of prayer as asking while decrees command and release His power. Decrees operate in the authority Christ gave us.

Why add fasting to my declarations and decrees?

As mentioned earlier, Isaiah 58 shows fasting gives our words and prayers increased supernatural power and breakthrough. When we humble ourselves through fasting, God promises to undo heavy burdens and break bondages.

Can my declarations have an impact on others?

Absolutely! You can decree blessings, protection and deliverance over your loved ones. Your words come into agreement with how God wants to move in their lives. Declare these spiritual blessings by faith, even if they don’t know Jesus yet.

How long until I see results after making a decree?

Every situation is different, but making scriptural decrees sets heavenly wheels in motion. Daniel 10 gives insight into unseen realm battles that can cause delays. Persist in decreeing God’s Word until you witness breakthrough in the natural realm.

Am I allowed to decree judgment on the enemy?

It is best to follow Jesus’ example of leaving vengeance to God and blessing our enemies with prayers for salvation. We have authority to halt the enemy’s schemes but no permission to decree harm. Our job is decreeing God’s Kingdom and blessings.