In many religious traditions, there exist complex hierarchies of spiritual beings, both benevolent and malevolent, who wield influence over worldly affairs and the human experience. Central to spiritual warfare doctrines found across various faiths are angels, demons, and notions of supernatural struggle between cosmic forces of good and evil.

The 9 Angelic Choirs of Heaven

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam share a common angelic hierarchy emerging from the theology of Pseudo-Dionysius. The 9 angel choirs are categorized into 3 spheres, with each sphere containing 3 hierarchies:

The First Sphere


The highest choir, the Seraphim (“burning ones”) are believed to surround God’s throne and continuously chant “holy, holy, holy.” They are associated with ardent love for God and purification by fire.


The second rank, Cherubim are known as the “fullness of divine knowledge” and act as guardians. In Genesis, God stations Cherubim with flaming swords to guard the entrance to the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve’s expulsion.


The final choir in the first sphere, Thrones are living symbols of God’s justice and authority. They are said to carry God’s throne and transmit divine judgments to lower rankings angels.

The Second Sphere


The fourth choir, Dominions regulate duties for lower angels and make known the commands of God. Through them, the grace and will of God spreads to all material creation.


Fifth in line are the Virtues, who oversee the movement of heavenly bodies and all natural phenomena here on Earth. They are also responsible for miracles and instilling values like courage, grace, and valor.

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The final choir of the second sphere are the warrior angels, the Powers. They defend creation by fighting evil spirits and demonic forces which seek to wreak chaos. The Powers also protect human souls from demonic attack.

The Third Sphere


The seventh choir, Principalities are the guardian angels of cities, nations, rulers, and other human institutions. They safeguard religion and culture and inspire leaders to enact divine will.


Eighth-ranked are the Archangels, the most famous angels who act as messengers delivering God’s most important news. Archangels named in scripture and tradition include Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Zerachiel, and Remiel.


The lowest choir are the Angels, closest in contact with earthly realm and humanity. They deliver prayers to God, guide and protect human souls, and carry out God’s minor miracles. Every human is said to have a Guardian Angel who watches over their lifetime.

Ranks of Demons in Hell’s Domain

Like the angelic hierarchy, Christian demonology also features a structured infernal hierarchy with nine orders of demons, although listings vary.

The First Hierarchy


The chief ruler and most glorious angel before his fall from grace. He retains the title Prince of Darkness, Ruler of Hell, and commands legions of demons.


Named “Lord of the Flies,” he was formerly the highest-ranked Cherubim. Beelzebub tempts men into sin and heresy and incites chaos.


The massive sea monster of primordial chaos who twists souls toward evil through twisted doctrine. Associated with Satan’s deception and trickery against humanity.

The Second Hierarchy


The demon of lust, twisted sexuality, and marital discord. He spreads impurity and seeks to wreck havoc on human relationships.

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The demon who induces greed, gluttony, materialism, and unjust worldly gain. He controls avaricious global banking systems.


The demon of sloth and laziness who derails spiritual progress by discouraging individuals from upholding virtues and ideals. He promotes apathy, negligence, and spiritual decay.

The Third Hierarchy


A blasphemous demon who compels spirit mediums to contact the deceased and leads them to abandon faith for occultism.


The Great Duke of Hell who appears as a red soldier on a red horse. He lies convincingly in the name of murder and bloodshed while bearing false gifts.


A crowned prince with a serpentine body and foul breath. He seduces through laziness and vanity, seeking to drag all humanity into debauchery and moral corruption.

Spiritual Warfare & Protection Against Evil Forces

The concept of spiritual warfare permeates many faith traditions as the cosmic battle between good and evil plays out across the spiritual and material planes. But ordinary individuals need not be helpless against demonic influences or trickery.

There exist many prayers, rituals, and practices to protect oneself through the aid of angels and command over unclean spirits. In Christianity, invoking the authority of Jesus Christ can repel demonic attack while praying to Archangel Michael guarantees heavenly protection.

Wearing certain gemstones, plants, and symbols like crosses can form an amulet shield against lower entities. Even displaying religious icons, reciting scripture, and performing blessings on homes, bodies, and objects sanctifies items and repels the unholy.

By elevating the soul through compassion, selfless service, prayer, and detachment from ego and materialism, one rises above the influence demons have over worldly appetites and fears. Unity with the divine essence of God brings supreme authority over any evil forces.

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So while bewildering hierarchies of supernatural beings battle throughout the cosmos, the individual retains free will and the choice to align with light or darkness both within and without. Angelic guides stand ready to assist any who devote themselves to spiritual growth in the service of wisdom, truth, and unconditional love.