Guns in dreams often represent power, aggression, defense, and authority. More specifically, the spiritual meaning behind guns in dreams can vary depending on the type of gun, your relationship with guns, and what you or others are doing with the gun in the dream scenario.

Power And Control

Guns can symbolize personal power and the ability to control situations or influence outcomes. Dreaming about guns may indicate you feel a lack of control in your waking life or that you desire more power over circumstances and want to feel better equipped to handle challenges.

Aggression And Conflict

Guns also tend to appear in dreams when there are intense emotions or aggression that the dreamer may be experiencing in waking life. Dreams about guns can sometimes occur if you have recently been in an argument or confrontation and still feel lingering anger or the need to defend yourself. The gun represents those hostile emotions.

Authority And Social Order

There may also be a social commentary when we dream about guns, as they can represent authority, rules, structure, and the establishment. If you have dreams where someone like a police officer is pointing a gun at you, it may reveal a sense that you are being restricted or closely governed by certain expectations or obligations in society.

Self-Defense And Resilience

More positively, dreams about guns can simply reflect your ability to stand up for yourself and set healthy boundaries. Having a gun in a dream can sometimes occur when you feel the need to boost your self-confidence, find your courage, or empower yourself to speak up. The gun gives you a greater sense of security in the face of adversity.

Killing Or Being Killed

One of the most frightening dreams involving a gun is being shot or shooting someone else. If you have dreams where you shoot someone, it often means you want to be rid of a certain trait or characteristic they represent within yourself. Killing them symbolically eliminates those qualities you dislike or feel held back by. If someone shoots you in a dream, it may reveal feelings of being attacked, wronged, or overcome by some external force that you feel threatens your self-identity in some way in waking life.

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If you have dreams about guns where the feeling tone is positive, it may just indicate a basic need to feel safe and protected. For example, dreams of legally owning a gun for recreation may reveal you desire more security in your home life or work life. The gun represents defense and preserving yourself from harm.

Sexual Or Social Potency

In some cases, guns as phallic symbols may also appear in sexually-charged dreams. Dreams about guns can occur as expressions of male sexuality, power, and virility. However, those same attributes can translate into social power or influence as well. Think of the phrase “guns blazing” – it indicates someone who is bold, unstoppable, and commanding in their presence. In dreams, guns can sometimes compensate for areas in waking life where you feel inadequate or lacking in confidence.

Violating Trust

If you have dreams where you are criminal or acting violently with guns, it can often symbolize a violation of trust or ethics. You may be crossing emotional or social boundaries in ways you know deep down are not right. The dream acts as your conscience guiding you back toward more wise decision making.

Addictive Or Destructive Behaviors

Guns in dreams can also point to unhealthy attachments or addictions. Shooting heroin or engaging in dangerous militant behaviors in a dream reveal temptations in real life toward destructive paths that will ultimately undermine you. The gun represents the appeal of taking a quick route to gain power, relieve pain, or vent anger when better options exist.

Healing And Renewal

On the other hand, guns in dreams can symbolize a need for radical change. Shooting or destroying an old object, belief, or emotional attachment in a dream can reflect mental, emotional, or spiritual transformation. The gun gives you the power to quickly sever what needs to go in order to liberate yourself and facilitate renewal.

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Insecurity And Self-Defeating Behaviors

Dreams about guns can also expose areas where you secretly feel insecure or powerless. Having a broken or malfunctioning gun in a dream often symbolizes behaviors you engage in that ironically perpetuate the very inadequacies you feel. The gun serves as a reminder to stop self-sabotaging.

Karmic Debts And Retribution

Dreams of being forcefully disarmed of a gun point to karmic lessons around power and ethics. You may be receiving the retributive effects of past actions where you misused authority, acted aggressively towards vulnerable people, or violated principles of fairness and human decency. The dream creates an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Heed The Message

Ultimately, pay close attention to any dreams with guns and how the broader context makes you feel emotionally. Your subconscious mind is attempting to send you important messages through symbolic imagery. Reflect on what the guns may represent in your current life situation and what constructive actions you can take in response to create positive change.

Specific Gun Dream Meanings

Beyond broad generalizations about the symbolic meaning behind guns, dreams can also reveal more specific messages to you based on the exact type of gun and the details of what happens in the dream.


Handguns like pistols and revolvers tend to point more to themes of self-defense, personal power struggles, decisions about ethical boundaries, or risky behaviors. The compact size of the handgun reflects more personalized issues compared to long guns which tend to have more far-reaching societal implications.


Rifles connote distance, accuracy, and precision. A rifle appearing in a dream often symbolizes a need to focus your thoughts, actions, or communication to produce more desirable results in your life. Rifles can also indicate hunting which reflects pursuit of goals.


The widespread damage of a shotgun reveals issues around dispersing your energies too loosely or having an overly scattered mindset. Shotguns in dreams call for narrowing your focus and gathering in wayward aspects of yourself to increase personal power.

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Machine Guns

Dreaming about machine guns often reveals anxiety around being trapped in situations where you feel overwhelmed by destructive external forces. It can point to patterns and relationships characterized by excessive demands, criticism, judgment, or other aggravating factors.


Seeing heavy weapons like artillery cannons in dreams reflects drastic measures you may be considering to solve problems. It can signify a willingness to “pull out all the stops” to defend yourself or defeat opponents. Artillery represents last resorts and final solutions.

Old West Revolvers

If the gun in your dream has an “Old West” style, it may symbolize themes of justice, dueling with rivals, testing your courage, or proving your social status within a group. The antiquated design speaks to issues around honor, reputation, and respect.

Water Guns

Water guns can inject some lighter meanings around playfulness, childhood nostalgia, feeling surprised or “caught off guard” by another’s actions, or a general need to calm heated emotions or interpersonal tensions.

Nerf Guns

Nerf guns in dreams point to disagreements or rivalry but typically more minor in scope. The softness and harmlessness of the Nerf gun reduces the severity even if aggression or hostility remains present to some degree.


In reviewing the spiritual significance behind guns in dreams, the most productive approach is to avoid quick assumptions based solely on the presence of a gun. The gun itself simply highlights areas of conflict and intensity. But the surrounding details in the full dream reveal much more about how to accurately interpret the symbolism as it applies to your personal life and relationships. Dreams with guns caution you to focus your power wisely, express yourself ethically, listen to inner wisdom, and move toward positive change.