Apples hold deep symbolic meaning in many cultures and spiritual traditions. In dreams, apples can represent a variety of concepts, emotions, and life experiences. Understanding the context and details of your apple dream can unveil valuable messages from your subconscious.

Apples in the Bible

In Judeo-Christian traditions, the apple gained symbolic significance from the Garden of Eden story in the Book of Genesis. After God forbade Adam and Eve from eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, they were tempted by a serpent to disobey this command. Eve ate an apple from the tree, then convinced Adam to eat it too.

This mythic apple represents the fruit of temptation, sin, and falling from God’s grace. It’s often interpreted as a metaphor for humanity’s weakness in resisting earthly pleasures and our innate curiosity, for better or worse.

So in dreams, apples can suggest feelings of guilt over indulging in something forbidden or risky. They can also represent gaining wisdom through disobedience or exploring one’s sexuality.

Apples Across Mythology

Beyond the Bible, apples appear throughout world mythologies with various symbolic meanings:

Greek Mythology: The golden apple of discord sparked conflict between goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite as they vied for the title of fairest. Golden apples also feature in the 11 labors of Hercules.

Norse Mythology: Golden apples were cultivated by the goddess Idunn to give gods and goddesses eternal youth and beauty.

Celtic Mythology: Silver apple branches bearing fruit, flowers, and harps appear in the Celtic Otherworld, Avalon. Apple trees symbolized healing and were considered gateways to higher knowledge.

Fairy Tales: Poison apples make iconic appearances in Snow White and William Tell shooting the apple off his son’s head.

General Dream Symbolism

As a dream symbol, apples generally signify:

  • Temptation, sin, indulgence
  • Feminine sexuality and fertility
  • Forbidden knowledge and wisdom
  • Paradise, immortality, eternal youth
  • Healing, wholesomeness, natural goodness

Red apples specifically evoke passion and the sensual pleasures of the body and earthly life. Green apples symbolize sourness, bitterness, or the hard lessons learned from mistakes and regrets. Rotten, worm-eaten apples represent contamination, decay, and feelings of corruption.

Common Apple Dream Scenarios

Here are some common scenarios featuring apples in dreams along with potential interpretations:

Eating an apple: Taking a bite out of life; giving into temptation; gaining new knowledge or experience, for better or worse

Picking apples from a tree: Reaching higher levels of understanding; attaining new insight or wisdom; gathering life’s pleasures

Receiving apples as a gift: Being presented with new opportunities for growth, happiness, or passion

Cooking apples: Transforming aspects of your life; integrating new knowledge into your personal understanding

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Planting apple seeds: Laying the foundations for future abundance, creativity, or spiritual awakening

Personal Associations

Beyond cultural symbolism, apples may hold personal significance for you, so also consider:

  • Your religious upbringing and attitude toward sin, temptation, sexuality
  • Memories involving apples from childhood onward
  • Associations with apple picking, baking apples, cider donuts, etc.
  • Any strong likes, dislikes, or emotional connections to apples

By reflecting on your personal relationship with this fruit, you can better understand why your subconscious is using apples to convey a message to you.

Common Questions About Dreaming of Apples

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the meaning of apples in dreams:

What does it mean to dream about eating an apple?

Eating an apple in a dream often represents giving into temptation and seeking earthly pleasures. It can signify acting out sexually or indulging in something risky or forbidden. The dream may encourage you to explore new life experiences, for better or worse.

If you feel guilty eating the apple, it may reveal repressed feelings and subconscious desires seeking expression. But if you feel joyful as you eat it, the dream likely reflects a celebratory attitude toward new awakenings in your sexuality, creativity, or spirituality.

What does it mean to dream about picking apples?

Dreaming of picking ripe, rosy apples from a tree symbolizes attaining new heights of wisdom and higher consciousness. It suggests you’re gathering insight and knowledge that will enrich your life.

The dream encourages you to pluck the fruits of abundant opportunities ripening before you. It’s a sign to take the next step in your professional, intellectual, or spiritual growth.

What does it mean to dream about an apple tree?

An apple tree in a dream often represents the Tree of Knowledge and the tension between innocence and wisdom. It can imply a desire to return to the purity of paradise before getting entangled in earthly troubles.

If the tree appears healthy and full of apples, it may indicate new opportunities to gain knowledge and satisfy intellectual curiosity. If the tree looks barren or damaged, the dream could reflect feeling spiritually depleted or blocked from progressing on your path.

What does a rotten apple symbolize in dreams?

Rotten or worm-ridden apples in dreams represent feelings of contamination and corruption in your waking life. Your unconscious may be revealing issues of deterioration in a relationship or situation that once seemed pure.

Dealing with “bad apples” in your dream can also indicate a fear of negative influences taking root in your community or personal belief system. The dream encourages you to remove toxic people and ideals.

Do apples have a spiritual meaning in dreams?

Yes, apples hold deep spiritual symbolism across cultures and faith traditions. These meanings stem from sacred myths and scriptures depicting the apple variously as the fruit of temptation, eternal youth, wisdom through disobedience, and paradise lost and found.

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When apples appear in your dreamscape, tune into their spiritual essence. Be open to profound messages they may carry from your higher self about your soul journey. View them as teachers revealing where you’ve strayed from your truth or how you might reach higher levels of consciousness.

Red Apple Dream Meaning

A red apple in a dream often symbolizes passion, romance, sexuality, temptation, and earthly pleasures. It can represent acting on lustful desires or giving in to temptation. The red color evokes themes of vitality, vibrancy, life energy, and the sensuality of the physical body. A ripe, delicious red apple may encourage you to indulge your senses and appetites for adventure, sex, food, beauty, and other hedonistic delights.

Green Apple Dream Meaning

A green apple in a dream frequently signifies fresh starts, growth, abundance, the natural world, healing, and the life force. The green color relates to nature, springtime, renewal, fertility, and the restorative powers of the earth. Eating a tart green apple can suggest personal bitterness, jealousy, or feelings of being unripe. But picking a fresh green apple from a tree may indicate forthcoming opportunities for learning, prosperity, creativity, or falling in love again.

Someone Giving Apple in Dream

When someone offers you an apple in a dream, it often represents being presented with new possibilities for knowledge, happiness, temptation, or growth. Consider who is giving you the apple and in what context. A lover feeding you an apple may symbolize a deepening intimacy and passion. A teacher giving you an apple could signify imparting wisdom. And a stranger offering you a forbidden apple may represent facing a moral dilemma or temptation.

Prophetic Meaning of Apple

In prophetic dreams, apples frequently symbolize abundance, good fortune, and prosperity on the horizon. Apple dreams are often viewed as very auspicious omens of positive developments unfolding in the dreamer’s waking life. Prophetic apple dreams tend to have a mystical quality about them with a sense of divine intervention at play. They may reveal destined events and windfalls coming your way if you remain open to life’s blessings.

Red Apple Spiritual Meaning

The red apple holds deep symbolic meaning across cultures, myths, and faith traditions. In Judeo-Christian scriptures, the red apple gained spiritual significance from the Garden of Eden story as the forbidden fruit of temptation. But in Greek myths, golden apples represent the fruit of the gods conferring immortality. And in Norse myths, apples signify eternal youth and beauty. So red apples also evoke themes of paradise, eternity, and divinity. They reveal humanity’s spiritual longing for truth, wisdom, and everlasting life.

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Picking Apple in Dream

Dreaming of picking ripe, delicious apples right off a tree is often considered very fortunate. It symbolizes harvesting the fruits of your efforts and collecting nature’s sweet rewards in abundance. When you nurture your talents and relationships, you reap the bounty. After patient cultivating, it’s time to gather the apples – whether they represent career success, prosperity, fertility, or true love. It’s a sign to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and feed your hunger for beauty, wisdom, and passion.


Apples make captivating cameos in our dreams with insights into our deepest natures. By paying attention to how apples appear and make you feel in your dreams, you can better understand your heart’s desires, what tempts or fulfills you, where you seek beauty and knowledge, and what bounty awaits you as you reach higher.

Let apple dreams remind you of the essential sweetness and goodness of life. Let them inspire you to keep learning, growing, loving, and walking further up your spiritual path.


What does apple mean spiritually?

Spiritually, apples represent abundance, fertility, temptation, knowledge, and eternity across various faiths and myths. Biblically, apples symbolize the Fruit of Knowledge that led to Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden. But in Greek myths, golden apples confer immortality. So apples evoke humanity’s spiritual longing for wisdom, paradise, and everlasting life.

When you dream about apples, what does it mean?

Dreaming of apples generally signifies opportunities for growth, passion, and gaining higher wisdom. Specifically, eating an apple represents giving into temptation or earthly pleasures. Picking ripe apples reflects attaining new insight and knowledge. And rotten apples indicate feelings of contamination or corruption in your waking life.

What does apple mean in the Bible?

In the Bible, the apple gained symbolic meaning from the Garden of Eden story as the forbidden fruit that Eve eats then convinces Adam to eat, disobeying God’s command. This biblical apple represents temptation, sin in succumbing to bodily pleasures, and loss of innocence after gaining carnal knowledge.

What does it mean when you dream about apple biblically?

Biblically, dreaming of apples relates to themes of temptation, sin, sexuality, and falling from grace. It can mean you feel guilty indulging in earthly pleasures or you’ve acted against your principles. Or it can encourage exploration of forbidden desires and attaining wisdom through transgression. The dream reflects wrestling with morality around bodily pleasures.