Dreaming is a mysterious phenomenon that has intrigued humanity across cultures and civilizations. Dreams provide a window into our subconscious mind and reveal hidden truths about our inner world. One intriguing aspect of dreaming is when we have dreams where we view ourselves from a third person perspective, almost like watching a movie where we are the main character. What could be the deeper spiritual meaning and symbolism behind such third person dreams?

Why Do We Sometimes Dream In Third Person?

Seeing yourself from an outsider’s point of view in dreams is quite common. Studies show that around 40% of dreams contain at least one episode where we see ourselves from the vantage point of an observer or third person. There could be several psychoanalytical explanations for this phenomenon:

Disassociation From Trauma

If you have gone through a traumatic experience, dreaming from a third person perspective could signify disassociating from painful memories as a defense mechanism. The shock of trauma can cause a split – where a part of you detaches and becomes an outside observer, as a way to protect your psyche from intensely negative emotions.

Gaining A New Perspective

Sometimes our subjective perceptions and experiences can limit our understanding of certain situations. Viewing yourself as an actor in a dream drama can indicate that your subconscious is helping you gain more clarity, insight, and objectivity into your own behaviors, life events, relationships and decision-making.

Symbolic Death & Rebirth

Seeing yourself die or being buried in a dream is unsettling. However, some dream analysts interpret this symbolically. Just as the phoenix rises renewed from the ashes, the ‘death’ of your persona in the third person dream may signal a profound transformation, rebirth, or passing of the old self to embrace new ways of being.

Common Third Person Dream Motifs & Meanings

Here are some common motifs that may appear in third person dreams and potential meanings to consider:

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1. Flying Or Floating Above Your Body

Dreaming that you are floating peacefully above your physical body signals freedom from worldly constraints. You may be on the verge of gaining liberation from limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, fears or addictions. Let go and allow your spirit to soar.

2. Someone You Know Appearing As You

Seeing someone familiar – a friend, family member or even a famous celebrity – appearing as you in the dream indicates qualities you admire in that person that you may need to awaken within yourself in waking life.

3. Past Life Memories

Did your third person body in the dream appear wearing strange clothes or existing in unfamiliar surroundings? This may reveal soul memories and self-identity from your previous incarnations that can heal and transform your present lifetime.

4. Out Of Body Experiences

Vivid third person dreams where you are calmly watching yourself sleep could be gentle astral projections – your consciousness naturally separating from the body to enter higher planes. Remember more through meditation.

5. Death & Transformation

Dreaming of your own funeral, burial, decomposition or cremation symbolizes the death of the ego. This allows the real you – eternal soul beyond any worldly labels – to awaken more fully.

Third Person Dreams In Different Spiritual Traditions

Across different faiths and mystical traditions, dreaming has been considered a doorway to spiritual truths. Third person dreams reveal much about soul evolution.

Shamanic Journeying

Shamans consciously induce trance states to separate their spirits from physical bodies. This is akin to dreaming in third person to access supernatural guidance to heal, retrieve lost soul parts or shapeshift into animals. Shamans believe that the soul travels to the spirit world in dreams for wisdom, overcoming fears or finding solutions.

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The Tibetan Book Of The Dead

This ancient Buddhist text describes the stages of dying. It states that between death and next rebirth, we assume an astral body to watch what unfolds. Similarly, third person dreams represent temporary detachment from bodily awareness to evaluate our actions more objectively from a soul perspective.

Lucid Dreaming

Becoming conscious within dreams by realizing you are dreaming while it happens is called lucid dreaming. Some lucid dreamers can visualize themselves from outside their bodies. This trains them to focus inward to travel to inner realms for creativity, healing, meeting spirit guides and more.

Astral Projection

Esoteric practices that involve controlled out of body experiences aim to activate higher states of consciousness for spiritual development. Just like third person dreaming, the sensation of leaving the body through astral projection allows perceiving earthly life as a temporary play of consciousness detached from name and form identification.

Potential Spiritual Benefits Of Third Person Dreams

Dreaming from a detached third person perspective can accelerate self-awareness and soul growth if you interpret the symbolism correctly. Benefits include:

Greater Self-Knowledge

Seeing yourself act without your usual psychological filters brings clearer insight into habitual patterns, life lessons, behavioral triggers, fears, desires etc. This self-knowledge leads to freedom.

Expanded Awareness

The out of body lucidity during third person dreams removes constricting identification with the individual self. You taste the vastness of cosmic oneness beyond all limitations. This dissolution of boundaries inspires compassion.

Healing & Transformation

The expanded state of awareness in third person dreams allows you to release traumas, outdated beliefs, toxic thought loops and stagnant behaviors that restrict spiritual growth. You can access creative inspiration, tap into your higher needs and potentials, and realign your life purpose.

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Mystical Experiences

Mystics of all traditions have used dreams to contact the divine, experience previous lifetimes, glimpse into the future through precognition, and enter higher planes of bliss, light and wisdom. Third person dreams can similarly open doors to mystical states of unity beyond all duality.

How To Harness The Power Of Your Third Person Dreams?

Here are some tips to harness the transformational potential of your third person dreams:

Keep A Dream Journal

Logging key details of dreams immediately upon waking retains more memories helping analyze meanings. Tracking third person dream recurrences over time reveals the most significant messages your soul wants you to know.

Look For Symbolism

Do any people, objects, animals, places etc make repeat appearances in third person dreams? What could they represent about your spiritual path? Symbolism reveals the language of the subconscious mind.

Seek Synchronicities

Notice dream symbols manifesting physically around you as signs of guidance from the universe. A person you saw in third person dream conversing with you may actually call or meet you soon! Such miraculous synchronicities confirm spiritual support in your journey.

Ask For Answers

If a third person dream puzzles you, ask within to receive clarification through meditation, oracle cards, lightbody journeys or energy healing. The soul has all the answers – learn to listen to its wisdom through dreams and mystical states.


Dreaming yourself from a detached third person perspective provides unique spiritual insight that conscious waking mind often misses. Pay attention to third person dreams as profound guidance to accelerate your soul evolution. Just as directors watch their films from outside the scenes after they are shot, your higher consciousness is showing you the movie of your life so you may live it more mindfully!