Ew, cockroaches are so gross and creepy, right? They’re those nasty bugs that you def don’t want running around your house. 

But get this – in some cultures, people actually think cockroaches have cool spiritual meanings behind them! Weird, I know, but stick with me here…

What They Symbolize

Okay, so one big thing cockroaches represent is being tough and able to adapt to survive. These little dudes can live through anything – even nuclear radiation! 

That’s why to some people, cockroaches stand for persevering and never giving up when life gets hard.

They reproduce like crazy too, with one female having thousands of cockroach babies. So they get associated with fertility and having plenty of whatever you need in life – money, food, you name it.

Here’s another wacky one: since cockroaches can regrow missing limbs and junk, some folks see them as symbols of changing and starting over on a new path. 

Like a metaphor for personal growth or turning over a new leaf.

And despite being pests we want out of our houses, cockroaches are pretty chill and humble, just hiding in the shadows. 

That modest way of living is meaningful to certain groups who value simplicity over material junk.

Different Culture’s Takes

In Native American myths, cockroaches pop up as icons of resilience, fertility goddesses, and being one with nature/the earth. 

They were even used in some tribes’ rituals and ceremonies because of what they represented.

Over in China and Asia, cockroaches are lucky omens in Feng Shui – that’s the art of arranging your spaces to create good energy. 

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They supposedly bring wealth and prosperity into the home. Buddhist and Taoist philosophies see deeper meanings in cockroaches too based on their survival skills.

On the flip side, most Western societies just see cockroaches as disgusting bugs to get rid of. 

But sometimes their persistence is seen as a positive thing, like never giving up and pushing through adversity.

Soul Lessons

At the end of the day, here are some potential self-growth lessons we could take from the deeper meanings tied to cockroaches:

  1. Be resilient and tough when life gets hard, just keep persisting like they do.
  2. Embrace changes and new beginnings since personal growth is good.
  3. Appreciate simple living and don’t get caught up in wanting more material stuff all the time.
  4. Manifest abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life.


So there you have it – cockroaches may be creepy crawler house guests, but they low-key represent a bunch of positive things if you look deeper! 

From pushing through struggles to living humbly, they have wisdom to share…you just gotta look past the disgust factor first! Food for thought next time you see one scurrying around…